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Virtual Pbx

Cloud PBX

Try the difference with our telephone switchboard in the cloud.

You can choose between a basic solution, which still includes all the classic services of a switchboard, and an ADVANCED AND COMPLETE solution that allows you, for example, to automatically record each call.


Try the switchboard by clicking on the button below.
Insert User Name "test" and password "test1234"

Basic Functions

Multiple time zone

Working time management

Our virtual switchboard allows you to enter multiple service time slots, even with different time zones.
Function necessary when you have connected to your remote internal exchange in other countries

Voice Mail

Every extension its Voice Mail

Each extension of the switchboard has its own Voice Mail available. The voice mail will respond depending on the configuration: ALWAYS, FOR ABSENCE, NOT REGISTERED.
Notification of the message by e-mail

IVR and call groups

Incoming Call Management

The basic version of the virtual switchboard allows you to manage incoming calls at your convenience.
You have both call groups and multi-level IVRs available.
Also customize guide messages!

Message Customization

Voice synthesis engine included!

In our virtual exchange we have included a speech synthesis engine.
Customize your messages simply by typing text. Choose the language, and our switchboard will generate your audio file ready to use!

Your name on switchboard


Customize the switchboard with the name of your company.

it will be easier to reach him on the internet

Simple configuration

Web configurations

Simple Web configuration.

Customize Internal Trunk Messages.
Create multiple scenarios for your needs.
If you need help, contact us!

Advanced Functions PRO

On Hold Waiting time information

Call Queue Management

One of the features present in the ADVANCED PRO solution of our virtual exchange is that of call queue management. Informs callers of their position in the queue and waiting time before an operator can respond

Call Recording

Choose which calls to recorder

With the ADVANCED PRO solution of our virtual exchange, you can record incoming calls on each line and on each extension. You decide for which line and extension to activate the automatic call recording

SMS Alert e Customer Satisfaction

Create Alert Messages

Create alert messages to send via SMS when a specific event

After the call, invite users to leave feedback!
Look and check the progress of customer satisfaction graphically



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